Interests: Mass Politics, Elections, Representation, Parties, Political Economy

[1] Ragusa, J. M., & Tarpey, M. (2016). The geographies of economic voting in presidential and congressional elections. Political Science Quarterly131(1), 101-132.
[2] Dancey, L., Tarpey, M., & Woon, J. Forthcoming. The Macro-dynamics of Partisan Advantage. Political Research Quarterly.

Under Review:
[1] Woon, J., Craig, S., Leifson, A., & Tarpey, M. Trump is not a (Condorcet) loser! Social choice analysis of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

In Progress:
“Primary Elections and Presidential Support in Congress”
“Presidential Legislative Accomplishment and the Party Brand”
“Issue Positioning and Incumbent Performance in Primary Elections”
“Primary Elections and Strategic Retirement in Congress”
“Presidential Approval and Rhetorical Presidential Support”
“Party Presidential Support and Coattail Effects”
“An Informational Basis for Strategic Parties”