Interests: Mass Politics, Elections, Representation, Parties, Political Economy

[1] Ragusa, J. M., & Tarpey, M. (2016). The geographies of economic voting in presidential and congressional elections. Political Science Quarterly131(1), 101-132.
[2] Dancey, L., Tarpey, M., & Woon, J. Forthcoming. The Macro-dynamics of Partisan Advantage. Political Research Quarterly.

Under Review:
[1] Woon, J., Craig, S., Leifson, A., & Tarpey, M. Trump is not a (Condorcet) loser! Social choice analysis of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Working Papers:
“Primary Elections and Presidential Support in Congress”
“Presidential Legislative Accomplishment and the Party Brand”
“Electoral Incentives for Strategic Opposition”

In Progress:
“Issue Positioning and Incumbent Performance in Primary Elections”
“Primary Elections and Strategic Retirement in Congress”
“Presidential Approval and Rhetorical Presidential Support”
“Party Presidential Support and Coattail Effects”